Malta Regency Week-end 2016 held


The participants of the Malta Regency Week-end 2016 at Dingli Cliffs.

The Malta Regency Week-end 2016 was successfully held on the 22-24 April with  a jam-packed three days of dancing in historical attire.

A practice dance was held on Friday evening at St. Paul’s Anglican Cathedral in Valletta.

On Saturday morning participants were taken on a tour of the island. The first stop was the Malta Falconry Centre, which was established to re-introduce the ancient art of falconry, to provide natural free flying displays, to breed captive birds and to re-introduce native species of birds of prey to Malta,among which the Peregrine Falcon, also known as the Maltese Falcon. The next stop was Ħaġar Qim Temple, a UNESCO heritage site.

On Saturday evening a ball was held at La Borsa in Valletta, a neo-classical building that today houses the Chamber of Commerce.

Sunday was another busy day with a variety of activities at the President’s Palace of Verdala, once the hunting lodge of the Grand Masters. Events included palace tours, singing and play reading, lessons in archery, fencing and watercolour painting for those who request them. A “surprise ball” was also held.




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