Article 1 – Membership Application and Enrolment

I. Application for membership is open to individuals who:

A young member of the French 19eme unit

A young member of the French 19eme unit

• desire to participate in HRGM events in accordance with the HRGM Statute 2011
• possess a clean criminal record
• guarantee to attend a minimum number of events as stipulated in the HRGM Statute 2011
Applicants under the age of 18 years must provide the written consent of their parent or legal guardian.

II. An applicant may be considered if:
• The applicant is proposed by one or more existing members, or request acceptance
• the relevant application forms are completed
• the relevant membership fees are paid

III. The application must be considered by the Committee, who may approve or refuse the application. Successful applicants shall be granted ASSOCIATE membership (by the committee) and the necessary training and preparation (by his chosen unit). After a minimum of 12 calendar months, the Committee may advance the status of the ASSOCIATE member to that of a FULL Member. The Committee has the right to fully refuse any application for membership and shall not be bound to state its reasons for such refusal.

Article 2 – Member Rights

I. FULL Members have the right to:

• Participate in events created by the HRGM
• Receive subsidies offered by the HRGM or its sponsors.
• Participate in the AGM and its deliberations, decisions and elections

• Nominate a member, or be nominated for, the Executive Committee
• Access documents of the organisation, if this does not violate an individual’s reasonable right for privacy
• Access the organisation’s annual accounts and receive explanations from the Board at the AGM.

II. The rights of ASSOCIATE Members may be decided by the committee, not exceeding those of FULL members. ASSOCIATE Members do not have the right to vote.

III. A member may express their rights solely in full accordance with the statute.

Article 3 – Member Obligations

I. Members must ensure to abide by the HRGM Code of conduct.

II. Members shall pay an annual membership fee of Fifteen Euro for shooters, Five Euro for non-shooters, which shall be due on the first day of January of each calendar year. The annual membership fee shall be submitted to the Treasurer with a renewal form, which confirms the member’s personal details. Membership cards will be forwarded to the members accordingly.

III. Members who fail attend at least two unpaid events and three drill sessions each

British soldiers at Fort St Elmo during the Alarme! re-enactment

British soldiers at Fort St Elmo during the Alarme! re-enactment

calendar year, at least two every 6 months, shall be reassigned as ASSOCIATE members. Civilian re-enactors are except from drill sessions.

IV. ASSOCIATE members may not benefit from any subsidies given by the HRGM or any 3rd parties unless this is waived by vote of the HRGM Committee.

V. Members shall not use their uniforms, equipment and weapons to take part in events that are not authorised by the HRGM.

VI. Any uniforms and equipment supplied to a member by the HRGM shall remain the property of the HRGM and shall be kept by that member provided that the individual:
• Remains an active member of the HRGM
• Participates in a minimum of five events organised by the HRGM each year

Article 4 – Membership Termination

I. Members have the right to freely terminate their membership with HRGM without any repercussions.

II. Membership may be summarily terminated by the Committee in the event that the member:
• behaves in a manner that is not appropriate
• fails to comply with the HRGM member obligations as set in the Article 3
• fails to pay their annual membership fee
• is facing any criminal proceedings
• is in violation of the HRGM code of conduct
• violates the Statute conditions
The Committee’s decision shall be final.
III. In the event that membership is terminated, that member shall recompensate any outstanding credit allocated from the HRGM, plus 20% of the cost of any equipment held for less than five years. Upon payment of this sum, ownership of that member’s uniform and equipment shall pass to the member concerned.

V. Membership fees will not be refunded.